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Self-training in digital organization

- in the summer of 2020, the Storga manual is relatively complete, but this self-training part of the site remains largely under construction. In fact, it was not originally planned. We simply hadn't anticipated that we would ultimately have to replace the National Education and other business schools, which continue to imperturbably produce baccalaureate 5s who just know how to use a spreadsheet poorly. If you need help, or have difficulty assimilating some of the courses below, post messages, or get in touch: any feedback helps us move forward -

Visualize and plan your self-training

Level 1: freely store your data

General presentation of level 1

Navigating, the basics

Understand and use URLs correctly

Note taking (enter text, create a sub-page)

Edit a complex document, reorganize it

Archive your office files

Add images to the page

Create links

Advanced layout

Manage your emails

Declare new users and manage rights

Scan documents

Add to archives, sign archives

Level 2: using forms and reports

General presentation of level 2

A first record

A first state

The names

Create multiple records: templates

Create multiple records: a creation form

Automatic update of files

A second form containing a sub-table

Organize the different elements of a complete module

The people module

The organizations module

The process module

The cabinets

The basic planning module

Level 3: explain and optimize a work process

General presentation of level 3

The folders module

Advanced Folder Based Scheduling


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