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The Storga manual

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Get started with Storga

The choice of software to use Storga

The 12 things to remember before you start using Storga

Step-by-step description of the most common elementary operations
     Edit a page, make files available, etc.

The basics of the user interface

The basics of the Storga user interface
     Explain points 1, 2 and 3

Storga modes
     Explain point 9

Understanding the structure of a Storga document
     Explain points 6 and 8

The toolbox: the different types of blocks available to build a document

The models
     Explain point 10

Advanced user interface

Create a web page using office tools

Send the mailing of an online questionnaire

Exports (PDF, ePUB, to office automation)

Imports (CSV, text)



Manage URLs, choose your domain name

User accounts and groups

Mail boxes

Configure program execution


The two basic building blocks for automation: forms and reports

The sheets and their programs
     Explains point 11

The states, the base
     Explains point 12

States, advanced functions

The basics of programming

The syntax

Variables and types

Operators, constants, execution context

Other digital operations and conversions


Dates and times


Control Instructions

Automatic processing of forms and reports

Subtable management

Handling of a file by program (continuation and end)

Access and automatic creation of other forms

Use states
     The 'lookup' and 'report' instructions

Advanced formatting

The Dataware data type

Table and graph representations


Change the style of a Storga site

Automatic processing of other Storga blocks

Handle the paper press by program

Automatic processing in stacks of sheets

Automatic processing of received emails

Automatic preparation / sending of outgoing emails (messages)

File manipulation

Automatic data exchange

General presentation of automatic data exchange

HTTP and FTP interface
     To access or modify data on external servers

SQL interface
     To access or modify data on external servers

PLC interface
     To connect Storga with automated industrial production: read sensors, control relays and other motors, communicate with the PLC control loop

REST server and mail
     To access or modify Storga data from an external application

Simple examples

This part of the manual will gradually be replaced by the self-study part.

Automatic filling of fields in a form

Pre-fill a field of a record using the other records on the page
     An example of using the 'each_form' instruction
     Provided an example showing how to pre-populate a form field using the other forms on the page.

Validation of the entry of a customer code (or any other code field)
     An example of using the 'lookup' instruction

Summary sheet
     An example of using the 'report' statement

Organize collaborative work

Form for entering a comment
     Use the 'new_form' instruction
     Shows how to allow comments to be entered in a Storga page without mastering edit mode, much like on a blog page.


Problem resolution

Understanding synchronization