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Add images to the page

This lesson, quite easy to follow, like the previous one, shows how to display images in Storga pages.

Add an image block

The sequence is almost the same as for a file.
In fact, if your image is in PNG or JPEG format, you can even use the sequence for a single file, because Storga will automatically detect that it is an image.

1. Switch to edit mode if necessary:

2. If necessary, position the cursor on the Storga block under which you want to add the photo.

3. In the toolbox, click on the image icon:

4. Drag the image file from your OS's file manager to the 'Drag file here' box in the context menu that appeared on top of your screen.

The image is displayed on the page.

Edit Image

Unlike a file block, which can only be displayed 'as is', the Storga image block allows elementary retouching and layout operations to be carried out directly in Storga. This is even its raison d'être, because an image from a camera is generally not usable as it is.

To select the image block, in edit mode, click on the content of the image.
The following contextual menu appears:

The 'Framing' button allows you to change the framing, but also the orientation and the size of the displayed image:


Allows, if necessary, to put the image in the right direction.


Specifies the size of the rectange, in millimeters, inside which the image should fit.
If the aspect ratio of the specified rectangle does not match that of the image, the image will not be distorted; simply one of its dimensions will be smaller than specified.


Specifies the area of \u200b\u200bthe image to keep, that is, the edges to be cropped.
The easiest way is to specify the area with the mouse, via a drag and drop from the top left corner to the bottom right corner.

The 'Color' button allows you to adjust the exposure and color temperature of the image.

As in the case of the file block, you can add a title and a summary to the image, via the 'Properties' button.

Practical work


Crop, resize and adjust the color of some of your vacation photos.


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