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Create a web page using office tools

General presentation of the process

1) Create the document with an office tool (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power-point, LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Impress, LibreOffice Draw, Inkscape)

Save it in one of the formats supported by LibreOffice, or in PDF format.

2) Place the document on a Storga page, in the form of a file block (see icon opposite)

In the properties of the file block, select:
Suggest a link to open / edit: no
Show content: yes
and possibly adjust the 'Display scale' parameter

In terms of page properties (see icon opposite), adjust if necessary:
Content position: in the center of the screen

A more sophisticated version automatically extends the material from the edge of your document. This can be useful for example if the background of your document is a horizontal or vertical gradient:
Content Position: Centered, with Image Edge Spread

You can also choose a solid background color that will be used to fill in what is beyond the limits of the office document provided. For example :
Background color: rgb 200 200 200

3) In the contextual menu of the file block, use 'New link' 'New box' and 'Zones' to define hyper-text links or easily editable text zones.

For more information, in the document 'The toolbox: the different types of blocks available to build a document', see the documentation of the 'file' block.

The documentation of the 'file' block


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