The manual






The syntax

Suppose that in your form, you have defined an 'ht' field to indicate the price excluding tax, as well as a 'ttc' field to indicate the price including VAT.
You can then automatically calculate the price including tax via a program block containing:

ttc := ht * 1.196

Warning : Contrary to mathematical conventions, Storga uses a parenthesing system on the outside, and the space instead of the comma as a separator, so we will write:

(sin x) + (min x y)

and no:

sin(x) + min(x,y)

With the notation chosen, we don't have to systematically parenthesize, so we can write:

var Float y := sin x

instead of:

var Float y := (sin x)

Finally a comment is introduced by the '#' sign and ends at the end of the line:

# ceci est une ligne de commentaire
var Int i # et ceci est en commentaire en fin de ligne