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Visualize and plan your self-training

Self-study master plan

Following this self-training will enable you to organize yourself well, and possibly organize the work group around you, by taking full advantage of the advantages of digital technology.

The training is divided into 3 levels:


Level 1: Store your data freely.


Level 2: Use forms and reports, within the framework of a standardized organization and simple planning.


Level 3: Create case files to follow complex processes, requiring advanced planning. Explain and document a process to be able to agree on the optimum way of working together.

This training does not presuppose any prior knowledge of computers. Nor does it assume that you have a particular taste for technology. On the other hand, it assumes that you have the desire to organize yourself well, and that you are ready to work regularly to achieve it. On a lifetime scale, it is a very good investment. On the other hand, do not have any illusions: you will not succeed in a single day.

Each level is broken down into a series of small steps. It is recommended that you complete these steps in order, and each step is short enough to complete in one go.

At the end of each level, you have acquired a fully functioning skill set, so you can take a break from your learning, and practice for a number of weeks, months, or years, before tackling the level. following.

Level 1 does not involve programming: it is simply a question of mastering the user interface of Storga. At level 2, we understand the mechanics of forms and reports. We start to write some formulas, and read some simple scripts. At level 3, you write your own scripts, and you set up custom processes.

Once you have acquired the 3 levels, you have become an honest digital man: you have mastered the state of the art in terms of organization, and can very well do without the help of a professional IT specialist to organize a process.
You will find on this site, in the future, the basics of classic processes that you will be perfectly able to adapt to your specific needs, or to the specific needs of your team.

To start up

To get started, follow the 'Experiment' link on the Storga homepage, create your account, and install the native Storga client.
If you encounter difficulties during the installation of the native client, or for various reasons do not want or even cannot install external software on your computer, contact us by sending an email to:
Indeed, it is possible to use a simple web browser to access Storga, but the subtle limits of web browsers in terms of user-friendliness are difficult to anticipate for a beginner, so it is preferable to be accompanied at this level.

Once installed your native client, to follow the training, first read on your web browser, and experiment with the native client. Thereafter, you will only use the native client, and will read the courses directly in a tab of it. This becomes necessary when one wishes to use the experimentation material provided at the level of the courses.

Acquire help

To support you during your training, we have provided three methods:


You can post your questions and remarks via the form at the bottom of each step, like on a classic blog site. This is the recommended method, because it can be useful for the following ones.


You can also send an email to autoformation@copliant.eu


Finally, you can possibly buy a private 2-hour court.

Pay your contribution

We warn from the beginning: Storga is not a free product, because our business model is not the resale of collected data.

Your experiment site is free, but it is not backed up.
To ensure the durability of your data, you must subscribe to a license at 15 €/HT per month. This license corresponds to an individual use of the site, with a reasonable volume in terms of storage and bandwidth consumed, and allows us to provide a quality service with high availability via two mirrored servers.

However, Copliant, the company that develops Storga, is not a classic startup, whose goal would be to raise funds, then resell by doing somersault. Our objective is to be emancipatory, and to last. Storga represented 10 years of research, which it was impossible to finance just by a few licenses at €15 per month, and which we financed mainly via a commercial contract in another sector, and research tax credit. This explains why Copliant is a SARL and not an association, even if we have a state of mind closer to that of an association, or a foundation, than that of a commercial enterprise.


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