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Rights management in Storga

Understand the general logic

The basis of rights in Storga is:
There are users.
There are user groups.
Each page indicates which users and groups can read, and which users and groups can edit. The right '*' corresponds to free access.

Special cases

You can assign specific rights to certain blocks on a page, but this is a rare use that goes beyond this initial discussion.

Storga reports contain rows that come from records located on other Storga pages. By default, the rows are filtered at the time of display, ie if a row comes from a record for which the user does not have read rights, then this row will not be displayed.
The same applies to the options for multiple choice fields taken in a report.
If you wish to deactivate this property, in the contextual menu of the report, in the 'Display' tab, position the field 'Filter the lines according to the rights of the user' to 'no'.

Adjust page rights

To view or modify the rights of the current page, switch to edit mode,

then select the 'Page' icon from the menu.