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Send the mailing of an online questionnaire

Version without programming

Step 1: prepare the template for the questionnaire form.

Step 2: we create the files (one per mailing recipient)
To do this, we use either the 'Duplicate' function from the contextual menu of the skin template (operation to be detailed), or an applet with a Storga program.

Step 3: prepare an email with the recipient 'Form' and the URL field positioned at 'To the online form'

Step 4: select the files, then press the 'Send' button of the email.

The advantage compared to the usual systems, is that the recipient receives an email with a link that brings him in a single click on the page of his form to be completed, and that it can be pre-filled.
So we don't waste our time by asking to open an account, to log in, or to re-enter our name and other information.

By program

Here is the frame of a program which prepares a new mail which will be added just under the current form ('new_msg' instruction), then browse all the lines of a report whose identifier is 'a / b / c' ( 'report' instruction), and for each line, create a record by copying the 'x / y / z' type record ('new_form' instruction), which will be placed in a stack itself under the current form.
The form fields will be pre-filled from the data in the report line ('copy_fields' option), and a recipient will be added to the email. The email will contain a link at the bottom which allows each recipient to fill in the form associated with it ('msg_form_to' instruction).

var Str fid := form_id
var Str sid := string datetime
new_msg after fid
  msg_from_mailbox := "identifiant_storga_de_la_boite_aux_lettre"
  report "a/b/c"
    field Str prenom nom email
    new_form "x/y/z" copy_fields after fid stack sid from prenom+" "+nom
      msg_form_to prenom+" "+nom+" <"+email+">"